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Which areas does the Regulator cover?

At present the Regulator monitors the correct implementation of the individual investor programme.  However it is not excluded that he is assigned other duties.  Indeed as per Article 25(4) of the Maltese Citizenship Act, the Prime Minister may, by regulations, assign him any other function related to citizenship.

To whom is the Regulator responsible?

The Maltese Citizenship Act clearly states that the Regulator shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority.  Nonetheless, if requested, he is obliged to attend the Monitoring Committee (presided by the Prime Minister and consisting also of the Minister responsible for Maltese Citizenship and the Leader of the Opposition) and report to its Members.

Does the Regulator have the power to review any decisions taken by the Minister regarding the grant or refusal of any applications under the Maltese Citizenship Act?

No.  The Maltese Citizenship Act clearly states (in Article 19) that the Minister’s decision on any such application shall not be subject to appeal or review.

If there is a time when a Regulator is not appointed, who shall carry out related duties?

Article 25(1) of the Maltese Citizenship Act states that when a Regulator is not appointed, the Ombudsman shall act ex officio as Regulator.

Does the Regulator issue any reports on his findings?

Yes.  Primarily he is responsible for drawing up an annual report​ on the discharge of his functions.  A copy of such annual report is subsequently laid on the Table of the House.  Furthermore, whenever required, he is empowered to report to the Minister on any related matters.​ 


Contact Information:

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The Office of the Regulator, Individual Investor Programme
2nd Floor, Evans Building,
Merchants Street,

+356 25689381​